Rapid prototyping using SolidWorks and hyperMILL

Rapid prototyping

We pride ourselves on our ability to add value through consultancy support when it comes to helping our clients develop innovative new products. We are able to provide rapid prototyping using SolidWorks and hyperMILL as part of our consulting and prototyping services.

It’s quite normal for clients to approach us with the nub of an idea and then look to us for the inspiration to help them develop it into a full-blown commercial success. The process begins with an initial one hour free consultation. Once we have determined if and how we may be able to help, an agreement will be made on our level of involvement and how much of our consultancy time you may need including any rapid prototyping delivery etc.

Sometimes we can offer the expertise that really makes the difference as some of our recent clients have experienced. If you have a great idea and need some creative engineering thinking, please get in touch